Westfield Gas and Electric Municipal Light Board

Notices of Meetings and Agendas


 Chairman, Ward 5 – Thomas Flaherty
 Email:  tflaherty@wgeldmlb.org
Ward 1 – Kevin Kelleher
Email:  kkelleher@wgeldmlb.org
 Rivera Ward 2 – Ray Rivera
Email:  rrivera@wgeldmlb.org
 Wensley Ward 3 – Jane Wensley
Email:  jwensley1@wgeldmlb.org
 Liptak Ward 4 – Francis Liptak
Email:  fliptak@wgeldmlb.org
 Sacco Ward 6 – Robert Sacco
Email:  rsacco@wgeldmlb.org
Appointed Commissioner – A. Edward Roman
Email:  eroman@wgeldmlb.org