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Customer service is available by appointment during regular hours in our Elm Street office by calling 413-572-0100.

Excess Flow Valve Inquiry

In compliance with recent Federal Law, Westfield Gas and Electric (WG+E) extends the following Excess Flow Valve Notification to our natural gas customers (see complete text below). This Notification was prepared in collaboration with all Massachusetts natural gas companies. An excess flow valve (EFV) is a mechanical safety device installed inside a gas service line between the gas main in the street and the gas meter on your property. An EFV is designed to minimize the flow of natural gas in the event of a service line break. Customers have the right to request the installation of an EFV on their service line. Please be aware that WG+E has been installing excess flow valves as a routine procedure for most new or replaced residential and small commercial services within Westfield that lie outside our low pressure areas. If you have any questions regarding your service, please call Customer Service at 413-572-0100, or fill out the form below, and WG+E will verify that:

  • Your service has an excess flow valve, or
  • Your service does not have an excess flow valve and why it does not require one, or
  • Your service does not have an excess flow valve. WGE will install this device at no cost to you.