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Summer keeps marching on and so do the Westfield Gas+ Electric (WG+E) and Whip City Fiber (WCF) crews. Crews have been busy in the southeast portion of Westfield building out the optical fiber infrastructure (or backbone) so we can go ahead and bring high-speed internet service to those lucky neighborhoods.

One of the most asked questions we receive is “when are you coming to my area?” Earlier this year, when we received authorization from the Municipal Light Board, Mayor and City Council to borrow the funds to expand Whip City Fiber, it was for a two year build schedule which would encompass roughly 75% of the properties in Westfield. Our Whip City Fiber website ( has a map that shows a seasonal schedule through next summer. If your area is not highlighted it only means that you are not in the initial build period. This map will be updated as necessary.

Thanks to the efforts of those crews, residents in the areas of Shaker and Pontoosic Roads are now being notified that their areas are “lit up” and we have already begun installing services.If you have already filled out an application on you will be notified regarding the scheduling of your install. We are currently scheduling installs in areas where existing utilities are provided aerially.  Those customers with existing underground utilities will be scheduled soon.

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear from customers that can’t wait to “cut the cord” and get connected to Whip City Fiber.  Not only are they enthusiastic about receiving the benefits of high speed internet, they arealso extremely incentivized at the prospect of saving significant money by changing providers and viewing their entertainment content through the internet rather than from a cable provider.  “Cutting the cord” or “streaming” is becoming a national trend in how one receives their entertainment. This adjustment in viewing habits can be a learning curve for some, but saving money (upwards to $100 a month or more) can be a great motivator!

As with many of the technological changes that have come up over the past two decades (remember the first generation of cell phones that came in a box with a strap that you carried on your shoulder?), it can take some adjustment and willingness to learn how to use any new electronic equipment.  This is where our knowledgeable WG+E/WCF Customer Service and Tech Support personnel can really make the difference.

Our Customer Service Representatives are available by phone or in person at any of our drop-in locations or events to answer any questions.  And, if you are in a new or soon-to-be serviced WCF neighborhood, our Support Technicians can schedule free in-home consultations.  Information they share includes how installing an antennae can enable you to view local channels for free or how our phone service can save you more money while allowing you to keep your same number. They can also explain streaming and how you can view channels you want without paying for those that you don’t want.  Additionally with WCF, there are no hidden fees, and no contracts or minimum terms. These dedicated staff members are here to help educate and will hold your hand and walk you through the process.

The feedback we’ve received from WCF customers who have experienced this unique customer service experience has been phenomenal and overwhelmingly positive, which is something that’s not always heard about other providers.  Furthermore, these consultations and subsequent installations are done at no cost to you,as a Whip City Fiber customer. Like the service and reliability you’ve come to expect from WG+E, Whip City Fiber is no different. The dedication and willingness of our employees to help customers is unparalleled. Be it the natural gas, electric or internet sides of the house, I can’t say enough about how impressed and honored I am to be able to work with such extraordinary people.

As a locally owned and operated municipal utility, Westfield Gas and Electric and Whip City Fiber are here for you and will continue to work hard to connect Westfield.  Please call our Customer Service team at 572-0100, like us on Facebook or visit our website at to learn more.