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    The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

    It is the time of year when everyone could use a reminder about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Because CO is odorless and colorless, you must rely on a detector to warn you of the presence of this harmful gas. Learn more...
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    Two Ways to Manage Your Gas and Electric Bills

    Budget and Payment plans can help you get on track! A budget plan can help ease seasonal energy bills by spreading costs over 10 months. Short term payment plans can be created for customers who have fallen behind on their gas and electric bills. Read on...
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    The 2013 Annual Report is now available!

    WG+E is SERVICE and this year's annual report shows you how that works for Westfield. Stop by the office at 100 Elm Street for a printed copy read about the past year at WG+E online. Read on...
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