Residential Appliance Rebates

Westfield Gas + Electric’s appliance rebates are offered to promote the installation of ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances. Rebates are available as an on-bill credit to residential customers that have installed eligible systems within the past twelve (12) months.

Energy Star Certified Appliance Rebate Chart

Eligibility for Rebate:

Applicant must be a current electric customer of Westfield Gas + Electric.

  • Rebate will be in the form of an on-bill credit starting November 1, 2022.
  • Reside in 1-4 unit property; appliances included in a home purchase are ineligible
  • Leased appliances are not eligible to receive rebates.
  • Only new ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances are eligible.
  • Only one rebate for each eligible appliance type every three years
  • Program terms and conditions are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

For more information call 1-844-403-7960.

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