Dig Safe

Dig Safe is a free service that offers homeowners and business owners identification of underground utility lines free-of-charge.

Dig Safe requires just one phone call to book and should be utilized for every project that requires digging.

Massachusetts law requires calling Dig Safe at least 72 hours before digging, to ensure that the location of buried utility lines are clearly marked before the work begins.

For more information on Dig Safe, visit Call811.com or download the Dig Safe Consumer Fact Sheet. fdsa

Utility Location Color Codes

Utility companies use a uniform color-code system to identify where a utility is buried. The locations of underground lines and pipes are marked with flags or paint in their corresponding color so that these areas can be avoided when digging. In Massachusetts, you must call 811 at least three business days in advance of all digging plans to have your utilities marked out.

To contact Dig Safe, simply dial 811.

Requests are processed Monday-Friday from 6 a.m.-5 p.m.

OCTOBER 18, 2019

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities has issued new Dig Safe laws which take effect on October 18, 2019. In summary, three new rules were added to the regulation (220 CMR 99.00) that intend to enhance the safety of workers and the public. They are: 1) a call to 911 immediately following a gas release, 2) a 30-day Dig Safe Ticket, and 3) positive response (notification or indication of the absence of underground utilities at the excavation location). In addition, newly installed underground facilities must be marked. For more detail, read the full procedure here.