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Customer service is available by appointment during regular hours in our Elm Street office by calling 413-572-0100.


WG+E is committed to helping your solar project go smoothly. Here are some resources to help you get started.

  • The WG+E Checklist for Installing Solar Power can help keep your job on track.
  • In Westfield, a solar electrical system must be solely owned by a WG+E customer and cannot be leased or carry a Solar Power Purchase Agreement with a developer.
  • Pick a reputable contractor who can answer your questions and will work with you to complete the installation.
  • Complete the appropriate WG+E application for solar and submit for approval before installation.
  • The Massachusetts Residential Guide to Solar Power from the MA Clean Energy Center
  • The Massachusetts Solar Load Program Manual from the MA Clean Energy Center
  • You can always contact us at 413-572-0100 for additional help in understanding the solar process.

Still have questions? Check our FAQs!