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Customer service is available by appointment during regular hours in our Elm Street office by calling 413-572-0100.

Arctic Blast Brings Cold Weather and Gas Supply Challenges

Westfield residents are encouraged to wear their warmest socks and sweaters this week as expected cold temperatures cause increased natural gas costs.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program Provides Ongoing Assistance

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a Federal Communications Commission program that helps connect families and households who need assistance affording internet service. Enrollment is open now for this new benefit which provides an ongoing discount of up to $30 per month toward broadband service for eligible households.

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Is Your Home Protected from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

With the onset of colder weather, there is an increased risk associated with carbon monoxide (CO), which can build up quickly in enclosed spaces. Westfield Gas + Electric wants to make sure you know about the dangers of CO and how you can protect against CO poisoning.

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Winter Utility Bills are Expected to be Higher this Winter

There is no way to sugar coat it. Westfield residents and businesses can expect to pay up to 25 percent more for their heating bill this winter than last. We are heading into winter on the brink of a global energy crisis after a year of increased natural gas demand and low supply. Prices are skyrocketing in response, which unfortunately means we could face some of the highest utility bills in years.

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Big Rig Rally at PumpkinFest

Westfield Gas + Electric is celebrating Public Power Week with a BIG RIG Rally during PumpkinFest on Saturday, October 16th from 11AM - 5PM. Join us for this festive celebration of local + reliable public power with trucks on display from WG+E, and around the city and state. It will be a great afternoon of fun for all ages with popcorn, giveaways + more!

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