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Power Rush Hour 2022

With the warm weather comes your chance to participate in Westfield Gas + Electric’s free and voluntary program to help control energy costs. What is a Power Rush Hour? During the summer in New England we have hot days when energy consumption is high, particularly between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. “Road hogs” like air conditioning, dishwashers, and other appliances can significantly affect overall energy demand during these times. Because distribution charges are set based on usage during these “peak” times we want to work together to help hold these costs down for everyone.

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WG+E Encourages Customers to Act Now to Manage Higher Utility Bills

Each weekday morning, the energy supply team at Westfield Gas + Electric (WG+E) meets to analyze energy supply and pricing issues and how these will impact rates and customers in the coming days. The current high costs have been created by several factors including weather, supply, and geopolitical issues. WG+E is cautioning customers once again that they should expect significantly higher costs and encouraging them to take steps now to protect their household budget.

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WG+E Encourages Customers to Stay Safe Online

Cybersecurity may not be something we talk about every day. But we know that each person is the best defense for keeping their own devices and information protected.

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Fuel Assistance Visit to Westfield—March 2

The Valley Opportunity Council is visiting Westfield to help those in need of services such as fuel assistance.

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Utility Bills Are Affected by Cold Winter Weather