Commercial - Industrial Retrofit Program

Westfield Gas + Electric’s (WG+E) Commercial & Industrial program provides incentives and technical assistance to promote the identification and implementation of electric and natural gas energy efficiency improvements in Westfield, Massachusetts. The program targets all cost effective opportunities that result in electric or natural gas savings in existing or new facilities. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

How does it Work? Customers who are interested in participating in the program should complete and submit this application form. The program administrator will contact the applicant by phone to review the application and to better understand the specific goals and interests of the applicant. WG+E and the program administrator will work with the applicant throughout the process to help customers achieve their goals.

More Information

Program Description Document

Additional information on the program, including eligible measures, incentive caps, and financing options are available here.

Who is Eligible? All non-residential customers, including commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional are eligible to participate in the program. Customers must be in good financial standing with WG+E to participate in the program.