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Westfield residents are encouraged to wear their warmest socks and sweaters this week as expected cold temperatures cause increased natural gas costs.

Westfield Gas + Electric is asking customers to turn their thermostats down a few degrees on Tuesday to help alleviate some of the effects of the extreme daily pricing for natural gas supply. Currently, the average price for daily supply for January 10 and 11 is up 10 times the costs from a year ago. Importantly, the gas supply charge is only a part of a household bill. Depending on how the weather plays out, customers could see an average increase of over 25% in their natural gas bills this winter.

As noted earlier this season, global prices for natural gas have been skyrocketing. Abnormally cold winters in Europe, Asia, and the deep freeze in Texas last year and global heat waves over the summer have created elevated demand.

“At Westfield Gas + Electric (WG+E), the energy supply team is constantly making careful choices to lock in pricing in advance and help keep prices low,” Tom Flaherty, Sr., General Manager for WG+E commented. “This week, all customers can help out by turning down their thermostats a few degrees to keep their own bills lower and protect rates for the entire community.”

All customers can benefit by reducing usage and preparing for higher bills this winter.

  1. Use energy more efficiently.
    Control energy use and reduce your monthly bills by using energy wisely.

· Insulate doors and windows

· Purchase energy-efficient appliances

· Install automatic set-back thermostats

· Schedule a FREE home energy audit at 1-844-403-7960

· Make an appointment to get your furnace inspected (call WG+E at 572-0100)

  1. Sign up for a budget payment plan.
    Spread out natural gas and electric payments over a 10-month period to avoid the spikes that winter heating bills could bring. Call the WG+E customer service team at 413-572-0100 to get started.

3. Apply for assistance paying your energy bills.
WG+E continues to work with various agencies to assist residential customers in financial need. Call WG+E at 572-0100 to find out if you may qualify for any fuel assistance options.