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The first month of winter brought extremely cold temperatures to Westfield, with December 2017 being nearly 15% colder than December 2016 and the second coldest December in the past twenty years.

Whether you heat with natural gas, oil, propane, or any other source, in the northeast we will see higher than normal consumption as heating systems work overtime. It is projected that customers in our region could see energy use rise 15-30% compared to the same period last winter. Fortunately, for WG+E customers, the cost per unit of both gas and electric service is less this winter than last winter. See WG+E rate comparisons.

As you might expect, the cold weather has already resulted in price fluctuations within the energy markets. WG+E always strives to maintain price stability in a volatile energy environment. Proactive energy supply planning allows us to provide steady and beneficial pricing for our customers. This type of commitment to our customers is one of the many benefits of a municipal utility like WG+E. More about the WG+E 2017/2018 Energy Outlook.

There are additional steps you can take to keep costs down. Conserving energy when possible is always a good idea, no matter the season. WG+E offers many ways to save and rebates for our customers. See how we can help you reduce energy costs.