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Westfield Gas + Electric is required by the state law to test residential and commercial natural gas meters once every seven years to ensure they are properly measuring natural gas consumption. This is accomplished by replacing the current meter with a newly verified meter in the field. Currently, WG+E technicians and contractors are working throughout the city to complete this work. They will display WG+E on their vehicle and carry WG+E identification.

This replacement happens on a rotating basis across the city. Customers whose locations are affected will be contacted by phone, email, and text message where possible. The replacement requires the gas service to be shut off and then all gas-fired appliances to be relit. The entire process typically takes less than an hour.

Customers who receive notification are strongly encouraged to contact Customer Service at 413-572-0100 to schedule this appointment at a convenient time. An appointment will ensure that the work is completed in one visit rather than returning home to appliances that are not functioning. WG+E will add a $10 account credit for customers who schedule an appointment. If you do not set up an appointment, technicians will shut off service and replace the meter. Any customer who is not home for the replacement will receive a tag on their door and will need to contact 413-572-0000 to have their service restarted.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep our natural gas network safe and reliable. As always, any questions can directed to Customer Service at 413-572-0100 or Dispatch at 413-572-0000.