In alignment with Massachusetts green energy goals, Westfield Gas + Electric is increasing rebates for customers who make a change to high-efficiency electric heating and cooling options in the new year. The rebate for qualifying whole home systems will increase to a maximum of $4,000 covering up to 50% of the project cost. Customers who transition from oil or propane are eligible for an additional $500 bill credit.

Heating buildings with propane and oil accounts for about 30% of statewide emissions. In a move to meet the latest Massachusetts decarbonization goals, WG+E has announced that they will not be expanding the current natural gas distribution footprint in Westfield. “We are committed to a roadmap for reducing emissions and replacing fossil-fuel heating systems can have a big impact,” says Tom Flaherty, WG+E General Manager.

Air source heat pump technology, commonly referred to as “mini-splits”, is effective in both hot and cold weather. In the winter, the system collects heat from the outdoor air and releases it indoors. In the summer, the system reverses, collecting heat from the indoor air and pushing it out.

“WG+E is committed to the ongoing transition to clean energy and energy efficiency,” says Flaherty. “We are providing additional incentives to customers who are changing out their heating/cooling systems so that they can upgrade to air source heat pump technology.” Rebates are targeted for customers transitioning from oil, natural gas, or propane systems and will also benefit any customer interested in changing to a high-efficiency primary electric heating system.

WG+E is partnering with local, licensed contractors and vendors to support Westfield customers with their projects and qualifying for the increased rebate. WG+E will be offering an informational workshop for interested customers, with details to be announced soon.

WG+E offers extensive rebates for customers who are interested in saving money and having a more energy efficient home or business. Visit our website for ways to save.