2019 Rate Adjustments

If you take a look at the details of your monthly utility bill you’ll see that the total due is made up of a few different charges. These include your share of WG+E’s costs for purchasing the power or natural gas (energy supply costs) and bringing the power or natural gas to Westfield (transmission/transportation costs), as well as an amount to cover shared operating costs for maintaining and improving the lines and equipment that make up the system (distribution costs). In addition, customers pay a charge to cover the expenses associated with metering, meter reading, billing, and customer service.

WG+E completed a cost of service study with Utility Financial Solutions, LLC, a national consulting firm that evaluates the rate structures and financial performance of utilities. We were very pleased that they found WG+E to be a solid and financially stable organization. They recommended some updates to our fee structures, to be implemented over time. You will see the fourth and final step of these changes reflected on your May 2019 bill.