Service Calls

To ensure your gas and electric services are safe, secure, and working properly, we provide scheduled and emergency service calls to our customers.

Westfield Gas + Electric’s electric services include all electric service connections, overhead service, and up-to-the-meter underground service. Our gas services cover all issues relating to gas meters and gas-fired appliances within the house. We do not service humidifiers, oil burners, rooftop or raised units, commercial or industrial equipment.

Customers will not be charged for gas and electric service calls due to a fault within the department’s distribution system. All other services calls will be charged to the customer’s account based on the rates available for download here:

Electric Service Calls

Gas Service Calls

Customers with accounts ninety days past due will be refused service calls for all non-emergency issues.

Emergency Service Calls

In case of emergency, call 413-572-0000.

We provide service calls outside of normal working hours due to any of the following emergencies:


  • Inside gas odor
  • Outside gas odor at meter locations
  • Carbon monoxide alarms or complaints
  • Structure fires
  • High or low gas pressure
  • Emergency service for gas-fired appliances and equipment


  • Wire Down
  • Pole or wire burning or sparking
  • Branch on primary cables
  • Broken pole
  • No power, or half power
  • Other hazardous conditions


In case of emergency, call 413-572-0000.

For other assistance please contact Customer Service at 413-572-0100 or complete this form.